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Retired Police Dog Has The Most Priceless Reaction To The Word “Cocaine” The dog’s hilarious reaction has already been viewed over 30 million times 😲😂


A retired police K9 from Australia still has sharp detective skills and can pick out clues just like in the old days.

It’s been a while since Dante sniffed out a car or house, looking for drugs. But that doesn’t stop the German shepherd from remembering what it was like if this viral video is any indication.

The video, which has now been viewed over a massive 30 million times, according to Newsweek is impressing people all over the world. In it, Dante shows his owner he’s still got it.


The hilarious video was first shared on TikTok by Davey Rutherford from Queensland, Australia. Rutherford adopted Dante after he retired from the police force. The clip was captioned “sniffer dog knows English.”

In the video, the retired K9 is chilling out on the bed while Rutherford is reading over the shopping list. It’s just the usual foods, bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo…

And, this is where it gets hilarious…

Rutherford slips in the word cocaine and the retired police dog’s reaction is priceless!

As soon as Dante hears the word, “cocaine” he spins his head around and gives Rutherford a hard stare.

Next, Rutherford lets Dante know it’s just a joke by saying, “just kidding.”

Fans of the short clip are super impressed and commented thing like this:

“Once a police dog always a police dog,” one person tweeted along with a ripped version of the video that’s racked up more than 60,000 more views as of Tuesday morning.

And, the follow up video is just as funny. In it, Rutherford teases the K9 again, saying:

“So what do you wanna do today? Do you wanna go for a walk to the beach? Maybe swim in the pool… Get a bag?”

Not one to disappoint, once again, Dante spins around at the punchline, looking shocked that Rutherford would say such a thing.

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