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Police K9 Demands A Belly Rub Before Going To Work


We all can relate to this police K9’s desire for a little time off from the daily grind. The sun is shining, the weather is great, why go to work when you can have fun instead?

Jango is a hardworking K9 who serves the Ann Arundel County Sheriff’s Office. Normally the dog is busy serving the citizens of Ann Arundel, Maryland but on this day, Jango wants a break.

Jango’s partner is Ryan Costin and he and the Deputy leave their home to go to work each day to protect their community. The high energy Belgium Malinois usually loves to go to work but on this day, it appears the nice warm weather has gotten the better of him and he decided he needed a break.

Rather than racing toward the police car to start his day like normal, this time when Deputy Costin opens the car door Jango throws himself on the ground and refuses to get in. In fact, the only thing moving at all is his wagging tail.

Deputy Costin stands by the open door of the cruiser and tries to coax Jango in but the smart K9 isn’t having it. He just lays in the grass as if to say, “let’s stay home and have fun today!” Luckily, his wife was there to video the moment because, according to Costin, Jango had never done anything like it before.

“He loves work, he lives to work,” said Deputy Costin.

Since Costin and Jango are best buds, Costin knows just the trick to get Jango into the cruiser. He bends over and gives the highly trained police K9 a belly rub and the happy dog pops up from the grass and happily jumps into the backseat of the police car.

Despite the cuteness this fun K9 displayed, Jango is a serious officer who has undergone hours of intense training. He excels at scent detection, article searches, finds dangerous criminals, and locates drugs…but only after a belly rub.

He lives with his partner and his part of the family when the two are not hard at work. Please share this funny, hardworking K9 with your family and friends.

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