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18 Disabled Dogs Have A Blast On Their First Trip To The Beach


It’s easy to take things for granted when they are part of our regular routine. Even our pets become accustomed to a certain way of life and it just becomes part of normal, no matter how fortunate they are.

For some dogs, normal is being allowed to run and play while other dogs are happy and content even though life is not as easy for them because they don’t have the use of their four legs. Despite this, they embrace all that life has to offer with all their canine hearts because dogs are just special that way.

And because they are so special, this kindhearted person decided to give a group of dogs a very extraordinary adventure. Salima Kadauoui, who founded he SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier Morocco, took 18 disabled dogs on a day trip to the beach.

Part of what made this adventure so unique is that all the dogs had some form of disability and all 18 of the dogs were using wheelchairs! Can you imagine 18 dogs in wheelchairs enjoying running on the beach?

The dogs got to experience the sand and shore for the very first time and after their initial steps on the beach, they soon forgot their limitations and were running along the shore just as though they were not using wheelchairs to help them get around.

They speed down the sand, chasing the water and the sun, free from their limitations and any preconceived notions of what they couldn’t do. Salima said:

“Dogs loved the beach. Well, we can all learn something from this video. Amazing friends how dogs can be, they are great teachers to all of us too.”

The dogs are having a great time and clearly enjoying themselves. They all look so happy to be on their adventure and it’s heartwarming to see them so carefree, enjoying life and their new experience with big doggy smiles on their sweet faces.

It’s truly a beautiful thing to see. We’re sure it was a lot of hard work and took a lot of volunteers to make the event possible, and by sharing their story, it helps bring awareness to all their commitment to these and all disabled dogs.

Please pass along this wonderful video.

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