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Border Collie Inherits $5 Million Dollars When Her Wealthy Owner Passes Away


To say that Lulu is a pampered pooch is an understatement since the adorable 8-year-old border collie has a net worth of $5 million dollars.

Lulu lived in Nashville with her very successful business owner fur dad, Bill Dorris. Mr. Dorris loved his pup so much that he made arrangements for her care in the unfortunate event that she should outlive him.

As fate would have it, that sad day came and Bill passed away at 84-years-old. Fortunately for Lulu, the loss was made easier because she went to live with her friend and long-time dog sitter, Martha Burton.

Martha often cared for Lulu when Bill traveled for business so the two were already good friends. Martha knew how much it meant to Bill that Lulu was well cared for while he was away and how much he loved the dog.

“Well, he always left the dog for me to take care of,” said Burton.

“Oh yes. He loved that dog,” she told Fox13.

Martha was happy to take Lulu and is able to give the pooch the best doggy life has to offer. Bill, who was unmarried, made sure Lulu would have everything her four little paws could ever desire and left $5 million dollars in a trust for her.

The will is very specific, and states “This trust is to provide for all the needs of Lulu. The dog will remain in possession of Martha Burton.” The trust is managed by a conservator, who reimburses Burton for all expenses related to Lulu, until she passes away.

Burton knows that there is no way the two could ever spend the $5 million dollars and has no plans to buy Lulu any diamond encrusted doggy swag but she did say about spending the money, “well, I’d like to try.” One thing is for sure, she doesn’t have to worry about the price of dog food or veterinary care.

Like all good doggy owners, Burton only cares about that Lulu is happy and loved, which is probably why Bill entrusted the sweet dog to her in the first place. She’s not familiar with Bill’s vast fortune or how much his estate will be worth when probate closes.

Burton and Lulu spend their days enjoying each other’s company and, despite her wealth, Lulu hasn’t slacked off on her job of guarding the front porch of her new home. “Yes, she’s a good girl,” said Martha Burton, Lulu’s best friend now.

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