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Police Officer Saves A Puppy Being Strangled Then Adopts The Puppy Himself


Police officers save lives every day. They put their own health and safety above those they protect and serve. In the case of this special officer, his quick actions saved the life of a helpless puppy, who was being viscously attacked.

The officer’s name is Joshua Weskamp. One day while working at the Fresco Police Department, Officer Weskamp answered a call about a puppy being strangled. He quickly arrived on the scene to witness a homeless man strangling the defenseless puppy in the street.

Apparently, the cruel attack didn’t start there. It was said the homeless man had already beaten the puppy and tossed him into the air toward a garbage truck before continuing his senseless attack on the innocent puppy’s life.

Springing into action, Officer Westkamp arrested the suspect. He then called the Central California SPCA to request them to come pick up the injured puppy and begin an animal cruelty investigation. The officer was not about to tolerate the abuse of the young dog.

However, Office Westkamp’s interest in the puppy didn’t end there. His heart went out to the dog and he began visiting the SPCA to check on the welfare of the sweet dog, who turned out to be a 5-month-old Labrador pit bull mix.

Shelter workers and local activists were touched by the dedication of Officer Weskamp, who also vigorously pursued the case against the homeless man. Once he had done his part, he decided to try to adopt the puppy, he was now getting attached to.

Unfortunately, since the investigation was still open and the evidence happened to be the injured puppy, he would not adopt it. However, he didn’t give up hope and one day, all his patience paid off and the puppy was able to finally leave the shelter and go to his new forever home!

He named the adorable puppy Leo, short for law enforcement officer. He and Officer Weskamp now share a wonderful life together. The pup will be forever grateful to the officer for saving his life.

Animal abuse is never okay and it’s up to the public to call authorities whenever we see an innocent animal being abused. Thankfully, some laws have changed making it easier to prosecute abuse to help protect the animals.

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