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Movie Theater In Texas Lets You Bring Two Dogs With You And Serves Bottomless Wine This place sounds like so much fun, every city should have one! ?


Have you ever gone to the movies only to sit there and think about how your dog is sitting home alone?  Well, if you have and live near Plano, Texas, you can now take your dog to the movies with you.

But wait…what if you own more than one dog? That’s no problem because K9 Cinemas welcomes up to two dogs!

The theater, which was obviously opened with dog lovers in mind, is a pet friendly fun place.  The dogs are welcome to sit on the seat next to their owners so they can share the popcorn and also enjoy the show.

For those with designated drivers, they also serve bottomless wine and four servings of whiskey for interested customers…who of course, should have a designated driver because what kind of person would you be if you got drunk then drove your car home at anytime let alone with Fido with you?  If you don’t know that answer, you’d be a terrible person to drive drunk.

The theater shows classic films and they are usually dog themed.  They whip out a new one for each day, so you never know what you’ll see but the experience and camaraderie with other dog lovers is what’s it all about.

According to their website, they opened the theater because “We have a big heart for our furry family members in our lives, and believe they should get a night out with you,” the K9 Cinemas website says.

The theater is the dream project of its founder, who writes:

“I had no idea K9 Cinemas would make history the way it has so quickly around the world. We started in a pop up location in December of 2018 to test the waters to see what the LOCAL community’s reaction/support would be like. Little did Bear and I know we would soon be published in every major publication you can name both nationally and worldwide. Turns out when you start a passion project with a decade of experience building businesses and turn that experience on to something you sincerely love, something special happens. I simply want to make other people as happy as Bear makes me. When our customers come through our doors it’s nothing but smiles and laughter. Do those same people have a ton of stress and problems at home or work? I bet they do. But when they’re at K9 Cinemas snuggling up with their fur baby to a classic movie that all seems to fade away if only for a moment. And to me that was worth building K9 Cinemas. I’m proud to announce we are officially moving into our permanent location already just 2 months later in February of 2019! We will have comfy couches, enough space to seat twice as many pups and their owners as we do at our pop up location (currently seats 30 and their dogs), and much nicer facilities/theater equipment for a more enjoyable experience than we already provide. If you have met Bear and myself, you know we just want to spread a little love that we hope goes a long way. Looks like it already has. Thank you all for supporting this journey and truly making history with us.

From the bottom of my puppy loving heart, Eric Lankford, Founder & Owner”

FB|K9 Cinemas

With the coronavirus pandemic, regular services have been interrupted but it looks like they have an outdoor event planned with tickets for sale.  Be sure to watch their Facebook page or website for more information.

Go ahead and share this fun business with your friends.  If you live out of the area, may you’ll get lucky and someone will open a theater near you.

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