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Two Dogs Hug Each Other Tight After Being Separated During the Quarantine It’s obvious by their embrace that these two sweet hearts missed each other so much ?


During the coronavirus quarantine, suddenly life changed for all of us, including our dogs.  As many people were forced to stay home, some of the favorite places we took our dogs were suddenly closed.

Along with the new change in schedule, for many dogs, there was a sudden change in routine.  Regular trips to the dog park were now off limits leaving some dogs with nowhere to go and missing their furry friends.

The dogs in this story are two examples of best canine buds that had to stop their daily meet up at the dog park.  Under normal conditions, the best friends looked forward to playing together in the park each day.  However, when the quarantine hit, suddenly the besties couldn’t see each other and there was no way to explain the sad situation.

The owners knew that their dogs enjoyed each other’s company; however, they didn’t anticipate how much the two dogs would miss each other.  They soon became very sad without their play dates in the park.  So much so that they became gloomy and their owners became concerned.

As days passed into months it was clear that the two sad dogs needed to see each other.  Their owners reached out and together scheduled a play date to try to cheer up the unhappy pups.

When they got to the meeting place, the two dogs were elated to see each other!  Surprised but so happy the dogs rush to each other but they didn’t rough house or play like they normally did.

Rather, the sweet pups melt together in a long loving hug.  It’s then their owners realize just how deep their friendship is and how much they truly missed each other and how concerned they were about each other.

The dogs hold and comfort each other in an embrace that seems to say that all is now okay.  Their incredible show of love and tender feelings nearly move everyone who sees them to tears.

The video of their tender reunion is the sweetest thing to see.  Please go ahead and share with your family and friends.

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