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Girl With Autism Is Invited To Lead Her Stuffed Puppy At Dog Show, Melts Hearts Everywhere Ok, this is the sweetest! ?


When a little girl with autism went to the dog show, she probably didn’t expect to “show’ off her stuffed puppy to the spectators.  But to the applause of the audience, that is exactly what happened.

The little girl was dressed up for the dog show in her beautiful pink dress with her long blond hair styled for the event.  She has her stuffed puppy with her and is standing near a table watching the dog show when a judge notices her and walks over.

The judge takes the time to pet her puppy and the two exchange a few words.  The little girl seems a bit timid at first; possibly unsure of what he is asking her to do.  So he takes her stuffed dog and places it on the floor.  What happens next is nothing short of delightful.

The little girl happily picks up the leash and guides her puppy around the ‘ring’ while the spectators clap and speak words of encouragement as dogs bark in the background.  The scene is so sweet and if that is not enough, the little girl then envelopes the judge in a huge, warm hug.

It is so wonderful that this judge took a moment out of his day to brighten the life of this young girl.  If all of humanity could be this kind, the world would be a brighter place-especially for those with differences.

According to Autism Speaks, 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  The stats show that 1 in 37 boys and 1 in 151 girls are on the spectrum.  Autism knows no boundaries and affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

Everyone is different and has different talents and limitations.  Showing kindness to all people is the way to spread happiness and good will.  This little girl didn’t know she’d be a star of the dog show that day but we are sure it is something she never will forget and that she carries that happy memory deep in her heart.

The judge gave her a true gift that can never be taken away.  Please share this sweet story with your family and friends.

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