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10 Benefits Of Having A Dog Of Your Own These are so true! Dogs are the best! ❤️


All dog lovers will agree that their fur babies are their best friends and life is better with them in it.  No matter the breed, the size, or the furriness factor, all dogs are special and deserve our love and devotion.

In so many ways, dogs give back much more than they take.  Here are some more great benefits of having a dog:


1. Dogs make great alarm clocks

If you own a dog, you’ll never be late for work because you’ll never sleep in again.  Dogs seem to have a built in alarm clock and are always super excited to greet their humans in the morning.  Some dogs stare, some will nudge you awake with a cold nose, and others will bark.  What they all have in common is their ability to get their owners out of bed early each morning.

Studies  also show that people who get up early are more productive, sleep better at night, experience less stress, have higher test scores, and wake up happier.  Plus, spending time with your dog makes each day brighter.


2. Dogs are the best listeners

No matter what you feel like talking about, your dog will always be there to listen.  Whether you need to vent about work, spill your guts, share your feelings, or have the juiciest secret to share, your dog will always be happy to sit and listen.

Since your dog is thrilled to hang out with you, talking to them is also great because it strengthens the bond you share and they appreciate your undivided attention.  Plus, they will never judge you, gossip, or spill your secrets so you are free to say whatever you want to.


3. Dogs are reliable home security systems

You never have to worry about being caught by surprise when you own a dog.  Most dogs are naturally territorial and protective and will alert their owners when something is amiss or unusual.  They will bark, run to the door, and wake up their owners, so you can rest peacefully assured that nothing will enter your yard or home without their knowledge of it.

Dogs can hear some sounds one hundred times better than humans, according to Stanley Coren, PhD.  They can hear some high pitch sounds and some soft sounds that humans are unable to hear.  Therefore, they have the ability to detect noise before it even reaches your house.


4. Dogs are cozy bed warmers

Your bed will never be cold when you share it with your pooch.  Dogs love to cozy up in a comfy bed as much as humans do so they take the chill off those long winter nights.  With a normal body temperature of 102 F, they are naturally warmer than people.


5. Dog make us smile every day

It’s hard not to smile at your dog, especially when they are busy entertaining you with their crazy antics.  Even when they are being naughty, most dog lovers can find something funny about the situation.  Many owners swear that their dog has a sense of humor and does things deliberately to get their attention.

Next time you’re feeling sad or frustrated, spend some time smiling at or playing with your dog because studies show that pets can help reduce stress and improve mental outlook.  Plus, they are always good for a laugh.


6. Dogs are part of the family

Dogs are more than personal property; they are much loved family members.  They have their own unique personalities and have lots of love to give.  When there is a dog at home, you’re never alone.

They enrich life in many ways.  Studies show that dog ownership can make you happier, healthier, and decrease feelings of loneliness.  They can also help you make friends, get more exercise, and add a sense of purpose to your life.


7. Dogs make us happy

Dog ownership has many rewards, one of which is they make us happy.  It’s impossible to look into their sweet faces and not experience joy.  They are fun, loving, eager to please, and always ready for a good time.

Science says that when people look at their dog, their brain produces oxytocin, the “happy hormone.” So it’s not your imagination, dogs really do make people happy!


8. Dogs are the greatest cuddle bugs

Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch or taking an afternoon nap, there is nothing sweeter than cuddling up with your snuggly dog.  They are cute, comforting, and have so much love to give.

Since dogs are pack animals, they crave your closeness.  When you take the time to cuddle, you get rewarded because the human brain delivers a dose of dopamine, which increases happiness and helps reduce stress.


9. Dogs make the best of friends

Dogs love nothing more than to be with their people.  Whether you’re gone for five minutes or for five days, they’ll ecstatically greet you with a wildly wagging tail.  It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, they are just thrilled to be by your side.

They are easy company, never complain, and are faithful.  They love you at your best and love you at your worst.  They are always willing to forgive your mistakes and don’t hold grudges against their loving owners.  In short, they are the perfect best friends.


10. Dogs love unconditionally

It doesn’t matter what you look like, who you voted for, or what kind of car you drive.  It doesn’t matter what you wear, where you live, or what the last album you bought was.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a stock broker or stocking shelves, your dog loves you unconditionally.

It doesn’t matter if you can afford the best fresh food or the bargain kibble, who your favorite football team is, or how much you weigh.  It doesn’t matter if you are fifteen or if you’re fifty, where you were born, or what your favorite food is.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant or a landscaper, your dog loves you unconditionally.

Return that love and you’ll have a best friend forever.

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