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Funny Dog And Rooster Have Fun Playing Chase


Anyone whose been spurred by a rooster knows they can be aggressive but this fowl dude seems to be having the time of his life.

The family dog named Leia and a cinnamon colored rooster named Duke are hanging out in the backyard of Leia’s grandpa one day when the rooster begins to chase the dog. At first, it isn’t obvious what the rooster’s intentions are but soon enough, it becomes clear.

As the dog races around the yard, the rooster is in hot pursuit. Round and round they go. Every time the rooster stops chasing the pup, Leia goes up behind him and hilariously nips him in the butt, and then races away.

It’s the first time the family has ever seen the two unlikely friends play this game of ‘catch me if you can’ but it is adorable. Leia is happily running around the yard with a rooster in hot pursuit. She even barks at him if he stops to cool his feathers for a bit.

Around and around a stack of pallets they go, Leia being chased by the much smaller rooster. She’s having a great time playing with her new friend Duke. The two play chase for about ten minutes before tiring each other out, but it’s not the end.

According to mom, about a month later they go back to grandpa’s house. She didn’t think Leia would even remember Duke but as soon as they saw each other, it was game on. Duke began chasing Leia around things, just like before.

Clearly having fun, the dog and rooster race around the yard while the family watches and laughs. The two of them are hilarious and its not every day you see a dog and rooster playing together like this.

They even have a staredown and then chase each other again. Duke can clearly get away and end this game if he chooses to but it seems he is enjoying being chased back by his dog friend although he’s not much for butt sniffing.

Please feel free to pass on this hilarious video to all your friends.

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