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Foster Mom Gets The Surprise Of Her Life When Dog’s Adopters Are A No Show You’ll cry happy tears right along with this sweet Boxer’s foster mom ❤️


People who step up to foster pets that have been discarded by their owners have the biggest hearts.  They are selfless people truly helping the dogs and cats who need them.

The job of fostering a dog or cat is not easy.  Sometimes the pets need special medical care.  Many require lots of training and attention before being placed in their forever homes.

The time spent helping the animals creates a special bond between pet and foster that can’t be denied.  Yet, despite how much they love their furry little charges, they know that one day they will go on to their new homes happier and healthier for having spent this special time with foster mom or dad

Sometimes foster parents become so attached to the dog or cat they care for that it is very painful to see them go.  Such was the case of this special foster mom, Nicki Clawson, and the adorable boxer, Cookie, that she fell in love with.

When the day came to send Cookie off to her new family, like all good foster mom’s Nicki took her to the meeting place.  As she kneeled down with tears in her eyes, she waited for the family to arrive to pick Cookie up.

But there is a problem.  Cookie’s new family is late to the meeting and Nicki is getting concerned.  Holding the folder of information about Cookie’s new family that the rescue group gave her, she opens it to call the people to find out where they are.

Slowly she realizes that there is no one coming for Cookie because the rescue group decided that Cookie needed to stay where she was loved and adored – which was with Nicki and her family!

Of course, Nicki is moved to tears and could not be happier to call Cookie her own.  Please pass along with wonderful ‘foster failure’ story with your family and friends.

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