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Dog Plays Too Rough With Fav Toy, Waits Patiently For It To Be Repaired What a patient pup! ?


Every dog owner is all too familiar with this scenario. Your dog has picked a toy as it’s favorite toy in the world. And in the excitement of playing with said toy, completely destroys it and instantly regrets it!

Abby, the Labrador, played a little too rough with her favorite toy and ripped it. Luckily, Abby’s mom is a stuffed toy surgeon! In this video, Abby waits patiently as her mom makes some necessary repairs and gives her toy a few stitches. Abby may be patient, but you can tell in her eyes that she’s full of anxiety. She can barely contain herself.

Her eyes show focus as she watches every stitch knowing that she’s just that much closer to being reunited with her favorite toy of all time.

When her mom finally finishes the emergency surgery, Abby’s tail wags furiously as she anticipates getting her beloved toy back! If only we could all sew! If you liked this video, leave a like and share!

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