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Mom Accidentally Orders Tiny Dog Bed, Dog Pretends It’s Perfect This dog posing on his tiny bed is just too cute for words ?


You know those impulse buys when you just don’t check the fine print or read the product reviews then when your package arrives, you excitedly open it and then…reality hits, what did I buy?

Well that happened recently to dog mom on Twitter, who bought a new dog bed for her golden retriever named Kenny.  Perhaps she didn’t read the measurements right or the description might have been wrong but when she took the bed out of the box it was obviously way too small for Kenny to sleep on.

But that didn’t stop Kenny from appreciating his gift.  In fact, he posed for these great pictures on his postage stamp sized bed that his mom shared on Twitter.

Everyone loved Kenny’s great heart because the photos were recently retweeted by Kenny’s human sister and they’ve since been shared over 60k times and liked by more than 135k people.

Kenny took all the excitement in stride and is very grateful for his new bed…..or pillow?

This is probably one reason why we love dogs so much-they teach us how to appreciate everything and live in the moment.  Kenny never complained about his new bed being too small in fact, he embraced it adorably.

Of course his mom ordered him a new bed and we’re sure this time it will be the right size.  In the meantime, we thank her for sharing these wonderful photos that have made us all smile and remember….

“It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it,” Eileen Elias Freeman.

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