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Dog Has Hysterical Bedtime Ritual That Will Make You Laugh Mike is so cute as he trots around-we can almost hear his owner thinking, go to bed already, pleeeeease! 😂


Does your dog have a bedtime ritual?  Some dogs have a little snack, go outside for the last time, grab a favorite sleepy time toy, or enjoy some snuggles.  Some check the house, others check the yard, and others lazily watch their owners go through the night time motions.

Some dogs put themselves to bed, some wait for their owners to go to bed, and some eventually find their way to bed on their own.

Some dogs sleep in their doggy bed, others on their owner’s bed, and some enjoy sleeping on the nice, cool floor.  Some dogs like to be buried in cozy blankets and others like to cuddle up close to other pets or their owners.

One thing is for sure, most dogs do have some form of a bedtime habit and most owners enjoy this special time of day as much as their pets do.  Its often a time to relax, bond, and lights out means its finally quiet time for all.

In the case of this adorable white and black dog named Mike, he has an unusual and hilarious bedtime ritual.  Each night Mike trots around the ‘round about’ in his house.  Round and round and round Mike goes, how many times, nobody knows.  Will it be four times?  Six times?  How many times tonight, Mike?

As Mike jogs up and down the halls, his lovingly exasperated owner follows along behind him trying to convince him to make the coveted left hand turn into their bedroom.  Come on Mike, go left, let’s go to bed….nope, another lap they go.

Up the hall, down the hall, through the kitchen, Mike leads the way before finally making a sharp left into their bedroom and in perhaps the funniest part of the video, crawls under the bed to go to sleep.

We just hope for his owner’s sake that Mike stays asleep or at least only runs laps once each night.

Good night, Mike.  You are so cute!  Please share Mike’s hilarious video with your family and friends.

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