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Two Talking Huskies Argue Just Like Human Siblings It sounds like they're speaking English! ?


We all know that dogs are incredibly intelligent animals, but these two Huskies take it to the next level!

These two brothers appear to have a big disagreement, as siblings often do. One is worn out and just wants to relax on the sofa. The other is really energetic and wants to go play in the yard.

“Hey, you, you” the energetic dog whines, in what sounds uncannily like English. “Hey, you!”

Obviously, the worn-out dog can’t be bothered and just watches the TV. This is his plan for the day.

“No,” the worn-out dog replies. “No, leave me.” Amazingly, the lazy dog also sounds just like he’s speaking English.

“I’m really tired!” the worn-out dog replies. But the energetic dog won’t give up.

For another minute and a half, the two dogs appear to argue back and forth. Eventually, the energetic dog gives up and heads outside on his own.

It’s great that this video is subtitled, but really, it’s also freaking us out how much it sounds like the dogs are speaking in our language.

Is this video evidence that dogs are becoming just as smart as humans? Is it just Huskies, or are other kinds of dogs talking like this? We don’t know. Maybe you could try to notice if your dogs are talking to each other at home.

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