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Cute Dog Uses The Mailbox To Greet The Entire Neighborhood This dog poking his head out of the mailbox is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen ?


Owning a through the wall mailbox can be pretty handy for homeowners. The mail never gets lost and collecting envelopes from the box is as simple and bending over and picking them up off the floor. However, this through the wall box does more than collect mail; it delivers laughs to the whole neighborhood.

Meet Rigby, the dog who loves sticking his head out of the mailbox to greet everyone who passes by his house. He belongs to Evan and Courtney Poole. According to them, Rigby has been enjoying his head-sized peep hole since he was just a puppy.


The friendly, now 1-year-old dog has been using the box as his window to the world since he was small enough to fit inside. According to his owners, “Evan and I would pass him to each other through the mailbox,” Poole said. “Let’s be honest, it’s cute to open your mailbox to a puppy laying in it.”

To the delight of the neighbors, Rigby loves nothing more than to poke his head through the hole whenever someone passes by his house. “He’s so sweet and loving,” Poole told The Dodo. “He wants to become best friends with every human and animal he comes across.”

Rigby is now 70 pounds so the days of him fitting inside the box are long gone but luckily his head still can fit right through the opening. He simply pops it through the hatch when he wants a glimpse of what’s going on outside.


According to mom:

There are a lot of people that go for walks with their pets on our street, and he’s always gotten very excited,” Poole said. “He has stuck his head out of it trying to see what’s out there for as long as he could reach.”

“People often stop on the sidewalk and laugh at the sight of it,” she added.

Rigby sure is a character and brings a smile to everyone who sees him. Please share this cute guy with your family and friends.

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