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Mom Freaks Out Until Missing Senior Dog Is Found Napping With His Baby Sister This sweet dog hated to be separated from the baby so he snuck into her bed ?


Raven is a lucky dog. He was rescued by his fur mom 10 years ago and has been a loved family member ever since. Much to his joy, his family recently grew when his mom gave birth to his new baby sister, Addison.

From the first day his new sister came home, this senior dog has adored her. His mom knew he would make a wonderful big brother and he certainly lived up to her expectations. He now spends his days watching over his baby sister and considers himself her protector.

But, more than just a protector, Raven is Addison’s best friend. He loves nothing more than to be by his baby sister’s side. He spends his days with his little bestie and never lets her out of his sight.

Which is why one day when Addison was down for a nap and mom couldn’t find Raven, she went into full panic mode. Usually he could be found taking a nap somewhere in the house but on this day, he was nowhere to been seen.

Mom searched all the usual places and then searched some more but could not find the old dog anywhere. Finally, she decided to check Addison’s room and much to her relief, found Raven sweetly tucked into bed with her!

The two were snuggled under the blankets and sharing a pillow, just as if they had done it 100 times before. Addison was gently sleeping apparently enjoying the company of her furry friend in her bed.

We’re sure that Raven has found a new napping spot because these two cuties don’t like being apart. Just goes to show, rescue dogs can make the best of friends and even senior dogs still have lots of love to give.

Let’s share their story in support of the senior dogs who share their lives with us.

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