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Police Officer Rescues Dog From The Rain And Ends Up Adopting Him “I don’t just see an animal, I see a soul. And that’s not something I turn away from” ❤️


Officer Michael Pascale was on duty one cold and rainy day in New York when he cruised through a park and saw a desperate dog that clearly needed his help.

The distressed black dog was soaking wet, shivering, and had a thick chain around his neck, which was tethering him to a fence. Surrounded by broken beer bottles and used needles, it was clear to Officer Pascale that he had to help the abandoned dog. He said:

“He’s just staring up at me with these ‘Help Me’ eyes,” Pascale told The Dodo. “My first thought was I’ve got to get him out of here.”

The officer set him free from his chain and took him to the Animal Care Center of New York City’s shelter in Brooklyn. He stayed with the dog, drying him with a towel. All the while a deep bond was beginning to form between the two. He said:

“I don’t just see an animal,” Pascale said. “I see a soul. And that’s not something I turn away from.”


Officer Pascale then sent his wife a text and a picture of the dog. The poor pup touched her heart and she immediately responded, “bring him home.” However, there was a problem being able to do that. According to the shelter, despite the conditions the dog was left in, a 72 hour stray hold had to be placed on the dog in case his owner was searching for him. One never knows just how the pup arrived in the deplorable conditions he was left in and it was possible someone was missing him.

Officer Pascale promised the pooch he would visit him every day until he could bring him home. Living up to his word, Pascale came back the next few days, each time growing closer to the sweet dog who was now greeting him with wags and kisses.

Finally, the stray hold was up and Joey greeted Pascale at the shelter one last time. The adoption papers were complete and Joey was going to his forever home, where he’d never be abused again.

Joey’s life certainly changed for the better. He now loves cruising the city with dad and snuggling on the couch with his fur mom. According to dad, he’s become quite the momma’s boy. He also doesn’t like the rain and who can blame him?

You can check out what he’s up to on his Instagram page. Please pass along his rescue story in support of all the abandoned dogs that still need a loving home of their own.

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