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Chocolate Lab Who Was Missing For 5 Years Is Reunited With His Thankful Family We cried happy tears watching this happy dog rush into his family’s arms 🥰


When a beloved pet gets lost, time seems to stop as the owner frantically searches for the fur baby hoping for the best possible outcome – that they will find their best friend unharmed.

You can imagine the terror as minutes turn into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks and still not finding your pet.  How long do you search before giving up hope that you will find your furry family member…weeks, months, years?

This is the story of a family that was reunited with their chocolate lab, Chuckie, after five long years!

Somehow Chuckie went missing from his loving family that lived in Indiana.  They searched but could never find their sweet dog.

Fast forward five years and across hundreds of miles to an animal hoarding situation in Ohio.  The Humane Society of the United States is conducting a raid on the property where 166 dogs and cats are living in deplorable conditions.

As they scan the rescued animals for microchips, they come across a friendly chocolate lab that has a chip with good contact information.  They use the info to call the family in Indiana and notify them that they’ve found their dog and learn the dog has been missing for five years.

The Humane Society delivers Chuckie to his long lost family and he rushes into their arms as if he was never gone.  He is thrilled to be home with his family and they are so grateful that after so many years, they have their dog back.

Chuckie looked to be in pretty good condition compared to some sad stories we see in animal hoarding situations and we hope he lives out the rest of his days in canine bliss with his family that loves him.

He’s such a lucky boy to be rescued and reunited with his family.  Please share his sweet story with your family and friends.

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