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The Internet Has Fallen In Love With This Dog That Has A 12.2 Inch Nose She has the longest nose we’ve ever seen, but those teeth ?


All dogs have something about them that makes them special.  Some have an extra fluffy tail, huge ears, two different colored eyes, or legs that go on for miles.  However, this dog has something that really sets her apart from all the rest.

Meet Eris the borzoi wolfhound.  Eris not only has something special, she has something extra extraordinary:  The most boopable snoot in the world!

Eris’ long white snout measures 12.2 inches-perhaps the longest nose on earth (her owner’s wouldn’t mind officially finding out).  It definitely makes her very distinctive and her pearly white teefers sticking out just add to her unique look.

The adorable Eris lives in Richmond, Virginia with her owners, Lily and Savannah.  The couple adopted her in July 2018.  When she was a pup, they started an Instagram page for her to chronicle her life, having no idea that her nose would grow as much as her fan base.

Eris, who is now 2, almost has 180k adoring followers.  Her owners told Bored Panda, “We were always hoping to share some of the happiness and smiles Eris brings into our house, and in these last few months, it’s felt more impactful than ever. We’re so glad to be able to add a little tiny moment of light to all of the goodness shining through the world.”

Eris is super cute and her extra long nose just adds to her character.  There is no doubt from all the pictures her owners share that she is simply loved and adored.  The Borzoi breed is a little unique, too.

Borzoi’s are large, active dogs, also known as a “walking clouds” or Russian wolfhounds.  They are a member of the sight hound family and need a fenced yard because they will chase critters.  They are sweet and graceful dogs.  Despite being on the calm side, they are super fast and can run 35 to 40 miles per hour.

We can’t help but smile when we look at Eris-please share her with your family and friends.

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