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Belgium Malinois Absolutely Kills It On His Agility Course


Belgium Malinois are known for their unsurpassed athletic ability and intelligence. As working dogs, they excel in many capacities and can learn just about anything asked of them. The make excellent police and military dogs but also shine in dog sports.

They are often affectionately referred to as “maligators” because they love bite work. They are full of energy, stamina, and are fearless. They require lots of exercise and attention to make good pets but when those needs are met, they are extremely loyal and bonded to their owners.

Take this Malinois for example, his handler has obviously invested a lot of time and energy into training this outstanding dog and as a result, the dog has accomplished amazing things and has off the charts skills!

The first thing the amazing pup does is sit and balance on a rope. That is amazingly impressive on its own but then the dog goes on to knock it off the charts showing off his skills.

Next, he opens a small door and goes inside a little house only to come out riding a skate board. But he’s not done there. Next the dog ninja reaches his obstacle course and that’s where things are super amazing.

He starts by perfectly walking across a horizontal ladder. The he jumps the fence and sits on a group of colored posts. Not done impressing us yet, he climbs some boxes, walks across a wall, and then crosses a rope ladder without falling off or slipping.

He then crosses another floating ladder bridge and heads on over to another rope ladder before disappearing into a tunnel. Out of the tunnel he shoots to walk on a balance beam before he handstands along a wall while balancing himself.

Another rope ladder is crossed, followed by a balance pole, then onto more agility and crossing a teeter totter. And as if that’s not enough, he ends his routine with a trick on the roof of his house. We apologize for not having all the agility lingo correct in this article but don’t let that detract you from the amazing skills that this talented, highly trained dog has.

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