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20 Dogs That Hysterically Look Like Something Else These dogs are hilarious! 🤣


What to do when your dog hysterically looks like something else?  Take a picture and share it with the world.  For a good laugh, checkout these adorable dogs that closely resemble something else.

1. When you’re embarrassed because you look like Jabba the Hut

2. Duunnn dunnn, duunnn, dunnn, duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun…..

3. When you’re such a chubby puggy you look like seal

4. Tom Hanks’ doppelganger

5. Rocking Chewbacca like a boss

6. What’s the difference between rolls and croissants?

7. What if her name was muffin?

8. When you know you’re the King of the Jungle

9. Sweetest lambies

10. Not Putin

11. Sid’s twin

12. Puppy and teddy

13. Sweet towel face

14. We found another Sid!

15. Mountains that rival your ears

16. LOL

17. Bagel dogs

18. Dobby the Elf

19. Kentucky fried

20. When you’re a loaf

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