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Dad Lion Bows Down To Meet His Cub For The Very First Time And It Is Adorable What a proud papa 😃


Animal videos are one thing that is always capable of entertaining the Internet.  When one is shared that is as cute as this one, hearts are warmed all over the world.

The Denver zoo in Colorado recently captured this adorable footage of a father lion meeting his brand new cub for the first time.  The video shows the majestic king of the jungle bowing down to meet his little cub and the scene could not be sweeter.

The tiny cub is seen playing in his enclosure with a tire.  The little lion is sucking and licking his paws and looking super adorable.  When watching the cute cub rolling around on cardboard it’s easy to forget that the now twelve pound kitty will one day be at the top of the food chain.

The tiny cub is very curious as all cats are, according to the Denver Zoo.  The little guy loves to climb all day so they’ve put assorted toys and boxes in his enclosure so that he can fulfill his nature and play all day.  It is more than adorable to watch him navigate his lion den.

His climbing is not limited to his toys though; his mother makes a great jungle gym, too.  It is also adorable to watch him climb on mom, a beautiful lioness. She must be so proud of her beautiful baby.

Of course, the highlight of the video is the image of the cub meeting his dad, a lion named Tobias for the first time.  The regal Tobias bows down to the small cub and the image is melting hearts all over the Internet.

A fun twist, the zoo invited the public to name the cub and at the same time raise money for conservation efforts.  There was a choice between these three names:

  1. Meru
  2. Morami
  3. Tatu

The winning name?  Tatu!

As reported by Channel 9 News:

“The online voting is complete, and the new lion cub’s name is “Tatu.” DENVER — Meet Tatu — the adorable little fuzzball cub that will soon grow into a full-fledged African lion. “Tatu” is the name chosen by people through the zoo’s online voting portal. Each vote cost $1, money that went to conservation efforts.”

Please share the video of this proud lion meeting his son with your family and friends.

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