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Puppy With One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head Is An Adorable ‘Unicorn’ Pup This fluffer unipupper is the cutest pup ever ?


It’s no surprise that this cute little unicorn pup is getting so much attention.  She is simply adorable.  The reason behind why she looks so unique makes us love her even more.

When the little golden retriever name Rae was born, apparently her mom played with her a bit rougher than she should have and accidently removed one of her ears. As her tiny body healed, her other ear migrated up to the top of her head!

The precious little princess was shared on social media and the world fell in love.  Her fans quickly nicknamed her “Unipupper” and we can see why.  She looks just like an adorable unicorn.

The sweet fluffer, Unipupper, is charming as she can be.  She already has thousands of adoring fans-over 35,000 and counting.  Her adorable face is taking over the Internet and her ear is just the topping on the cute pupcake.

Her fans have lots to say:

One person commented on her picture saying, “What a beautiful pupper.”

While another person wrote they were “obsessed” with her.

Someone else even said, “Now all the dogs are going to want to have one migrating ear! Too freakin’ cute! Or should I say ‘freakishly’ cute?”

Despite Rae’s injury, she is just like any other active puppy and can hear out of the one ear on top of her head.  She also obviously loves to pose for her pictures and holds the power to enchant us like all magical unicorns can.

If you want to see more picture of Rae and watch her grow up, head on over to her Instagram page.  We’re sure she’ll soon have even more adoring fans.

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