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18 Incredible Dog Transformations From Before And After Adoption These before and after dog adoption photos will melt your heart ❤️


The rewards of adopting a dog are many.  Not only are you saving a life, you’re getting a new best friend who’ll love you unconditionally.  Each year there are about 1.2 million dogs that are euthanized and 1.4 million dog adoptions.  The lucky dogs that find their forever homes are forever grateful for the kindness shown them.

Just look at these before and after pictures and its clear how happy these dogs are to have been rescued:

1. German shepherd with the sad eyes now looks so content.

2. Starving dog is now healthy and happy.

3. Adorable Pitty that was shut down is now glowing with confidence.

4. Fearful, meek dog is now smiling and self assured.

5. Sad, sick and neglected boxer glows with health.

6. Sad puppers transformed by love.

7. Uncared and scared transformed into a bright white beauty.

8. Terrified pooch transformed into a happy camper.

9. Forlorn fur baby just needed love.

10. Double the sadness, double the joy.

11. Please help me face transformed to thank you face.

12. I need you, I wubs you.

13. We need you and we need each other.

14. I’m so afraid, I’m so happy!

15. From such a sad mess to adorable.

16. Sad mug to cutest toofy muggles.

17. Being rescued means I don’t even look like the same dog.

18. Thank you for taking a chance on me.

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