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Two Puppies Were Being Abused So When No One Would Help, They Broke In And Stole Them These two did what most of us only dream of doing, they are true heroes ❤️


Two kindhearted men took things into their own hands to save two puppies from abuse.  Not caring about the consequences, since no one else would help; they took the puppies from a terrible situation and then ran away as fast as they could.

The story began when Animal rescuer Viktor Larkhill and his team received a call that some puppies were being abused by squatters living in a nearby home and no one was doing anything about it.

Turned out concerned neighbors reported that the animals were being abused and also recorded the abuse.  They captured one of the squatters yelling at the puppies, “I’m going to smash you!” followed by more threats, sounds of hitting, then puppy screams.  When Larkhill heard the recording that was all it took for him to take action.

Viktor Larkhill

With a team member, he approached the squatters and beseeched them to give him the helpless pups.  When that didn’t work, he and his team decided to put their lives on the line and broke into the yard and stole the puppies from their abusers, to the delight of animal lovers around the world.

Viktor Larkhill

After they stole the pups, they ran away as fast as they could and hoped no one was following them.  They made it to the car and quickly drove to a designated home where the pups’ to be foster parents lived.

Viktor Larkhill

The two puppies were named Johnny and Carla and did well in the hands of their loving foster family.  Once healthy, they were soon transferred to a wonderful rescue center devoted to finding them a home.

Viktor Larkhill

Once the pups were ready for adoption, Larkhill faced another big challenge.  His Facebook and Youtube fans from all over the world wanted the pups to be placed in their forever home together, which is a bigger challenge than finding a home for one dog.

Viktor Larkhill

The dogs were growing quickly and it was in their best interest to get them into loving homes as soon as possible so the decision was made to place them apart if they had to.

Viktor Larkhill

It wasn’t long before a home opened its doors to Carla.  Soon after, Johnny was taken to a temporary home full of love and other animals to enjoy.  Turned out, Johnny loved the place, other dogs, and the woman who owned it.

Viktor Larkhill

She soon took him to meet the horses, which he also loved.  It was clear that Johnny was happy and comfortable and that he was able to play carefree there.  But even better was yet to come.

A few days later, he was adopted by a family and went to live in his forever home where he’d be loved and cherished.  From abuse to love, we are so happy he and Carla found their happy ending.

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