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Woman Shares Photos Of Her Beautiful Maine Coon And The Internet Falls In Love This huge, handsome cat is more than gorgeous ?


Cat lovers will agree, Maine coons are one of the most swoon worthy cats around. Wrapped in their gorgeous shaggy coats of many shades and patterns, these large cats are simply magnificent.

Maine coons are known for their curious nature and dynamic personalities, which makes them all the more loveable. Take for instance, this beautiful beast of a feline named Lotus.


Lotus is a creamy, dreamy coated wonder hailing from Norway but now living in Sweden. His mom says he’s a “gentle giant.” But, Lotus is more than just a pretty face; he’s full of character, which is why he has 354K loyal followers on Instagram.

He’s a large boned, handsome cat that looks almost primitive while still being quite regal. His silky coat is a fluffy vanilla cloud of softness that we would love to sink our hands into.


When his mom shared these pictures of her sweet boy, we were immediately smitten by his cuteness! He looks like such a big, happy boy. His paws are simply huge and his floofy ears are adorable. Look at the size of that head!

If you’re interested in a Maine coon of your own you should know that they make wonderful pets but require a little more care than the average short haired housecat. They need lots of grooming and plenty of exercise and playtime.

They are intelligent, affectionate cats that are very curious about their surroundings. They need a healthy diet, lots of love, and devoted owners to be truly happy because they love being with their people. They are rugged cats that amazingly, are water repellant!

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of Lotus as much as we did. Please share them with your family and friends.

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