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Watch This German Shepherd Welcome A Flock of Newborn Quill Chicks Into The World German shepherd becomes babysitter for a bunch of chicks ❤️


German shepherds are herding dogs so taking care of the herd comes naturally. But, for this dog, the herd is a flock of newborn baby chicks.

German shepherds are natural guardians and protectors. But they also have a tender side. Watch this gentle pup, for example, welcome a flock of newly hatched quill chicks into the world.

The video begins with the dog’s owner carrying a bucket of chicks into the house. She gently tips the bucket to the side and out march tiny yellow and brown chicks that are not much bigger than ping pong balls that are running around on teeny stick legs.

The gentle giant of a dog greets the little chirpers in the sweetest way. The pup carefully gives them a sniff while laying down giving the chicks their first doggy hello. The fearless chicks spread out across the rug in a wave of downy soft feathers.

After being inspected by the cold dog nose, they continue to show no fear of the German shepherd. They begin to explore the room, loudly chirping. They walk up to the curious dog who now seems to realize just how hard it is to keep a watchful eye on all the chicks at once.

As they continue to fan out, the dog carefully stands up and seems to be trying to keep the babies on their rug. Careful not to step on any, the pup quickly looks around carefully watching the baby birds.

A couple of the chicks stand right next to the shepherd’s paws and the dog remains careful not to step on one. The pup’s body is still while only her head and eyes move around as if counting the chicks.

It’s not every day that a German shepherd gets to watch over a flock of birds, especially a flock as cute as this. We hope that you enjoy this video. Please pass it along to your family and friends.

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