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UPS Drivers Have A Facebook Page Full Of Pictures Of The Dog Friends They Made On Their Routes We love how these drivers take time to make friends with the dogs on their route! ❤️


Dogs and owners alike love receiving their packages of treats from the UPS package delivery driver.  What is even more awesome is when the UPS driver and dogs hit it off and become friends, it adds a little happiness to each other’s day.  Plus, getting yummy doggy treats is always welcomed.

Did you know that UPS drivers have their own Facebook page full of pictures of the pooches on their routes?  The page is called UPS Dogs and it doesn’t get any cuter.  Here are some samples of what you’ll see if you visit:

Stopping for some cuddles

Play with me

Thanks for the treat

The more the merrier

Route hugs

Ball anyone?

Take me with you

What do you mean you have to go back to work?

Do you have a package for me?

I’ll show you where my house is

There’s got to be a story here…

Is that box from Chewy?



Free back scratches, line forms to the left

Special delivery

What do you mean, signature required?

You’ve got a friend in me

This driver struck gold

I’ll help you with the mountain deliveries

I hope you remembered my treat

I’ll trade you


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