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Two Happy Dogs Are Delivering Beer & Making Friends During The Quarantine Who else would order the beer just have it delivered by these sweet faces? ?


Due to the coronavirus, businesses are coming up with clever ways to keep their customers safe while delivering the goods they want. The Six Harbors brewing Company in Huntington, New York came up with a one that is so great it will make you want to order their brew, even if you don’t drink.

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Karen and Mark Heuwetter own the Long Island microbrewery and their “Brew Dogs,” Buddy and Barley, ‘work’ at the family business. However, since the pandemic forced them to close their doors to customers, the Brew Dogs have a new job.

They now go out to deliver the brew and greet customers!

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They love their new job and get super excited when the brew arrives for their delivery route. They can barely contain themselves as they load into the car. Their dad drives while Buddy and Barley happily go along to each delivery.

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Once there, dad attaches 4 EMPTY cans of microbrew to their collars. Then the dogs dart out of the car, up the driveway, and to the door to greet their happy customers. Humans then follow decked out in masks and gloves with the real beer, since no one wants their beer shaken up by the excited pups.

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Buddy and Barley have a lot of fun delivering the beer and making new friends. The customers also enjoy seeing them come running. Their fur mom said, “When they put a smile on people’s faces, they’re doing their job — which, by nature, is easy for them.”

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Putting a smile on people’s faces is what they do. Not only are they helping mom and dad stay in business, they are making everyone’s day a little brighter. Not to mention, delivering great beer. Honestly, what could be better?

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