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Tiny Senior Dog Leaps Into Action To Protect His Owners From A Rattlesnake The little guy took one for the team but thankfully he won the fight ❤️


When Devin and Alex Diede went out hiking in Pennington County, South Dakota, they had no idea that their tiny 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier would end up protecting them from a rattlesnake.

The couple was hiking along a trial when suddenly the tiny dog alerted them to the danger. Silently blending into the terrain was a rattlesnake posed to strike. The tiny but courageous dog named Bear immediately leaped between the snake and his people preventing them from stepping on the rattler.

Image Devin Diede via KEVN

The terrified couple was uncertain if Bear had been struck so they checked him over carefully. They could not find a puncture wound so it appeared the brave little dog went unscathed.

However, it wasn’t long before they noticed that their tiny brave Bear was not putting weight on his front legs. They immediately rushed him to the emergency vet. By the time they got there, Bear couldn’t walk and about an hour and a half had passed by.

The emergency veterinary hospital quickly sprung into action to save the dog. “Thankfully, the veterinarians and technicians at the emergency animal clinic in Rapid City were wonderful,” Diede told KEVN. “The vet took him and immediately started a blood transfusion.” Bear stayed overnight at the emergency clinic.

Image Devin Diede via KEVN

Thankfully, Bear did well overnight and was able to go home with his family the next day. Devin commented to KEVN that Bear is “a tough little guy and most definitely a hero. He didn’t yip or bark” during the attack. When Bear came home, he was acting as if nothing ever happened. “He’s doing surprisingly well,” Diede said. “He’s walking around just fine and as happy as could be.”

Image Devin Diede via KEVN

This tiny little hero certainly lived up to his big, brave name. We’re so happy that he’s okay and his fur mom and dad are, too. Please share his story of bravery with your family and friends.

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