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Retired Nurse Opens Hospice For Senior Dogs Who No Longer Have A Home She is truly an angel on earth for loving these old dogs more than their owners did ❤️


Senior and terminally ill dogs deserve to live out their days surrounded by love and security; however that’s not always the case.  Some are cruelly dumped at shelters; left to die frightened and alone.  Heartbroken over their plight, a guardian angel has stepped in to help those she can.

Meet Nicole Coyle, a 46-year-old retired nurse, who founded the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice for abandoned dogs from the United Kingdom that have been deemed to have less than six months to live.

Grey Canine Muzzle Hospice Project

Located in Mansfield, England, these dogs are showered in love for the rest of their days.  Coyle takes them out for steak dinners at a local pub, on trips to the beach, out for ice cream, and takes them on other fun adventures.

Grey Canine Muzzle Hospice Project

These are dogs who have been abandoned by their owners, left to fend for themselves, or dumped at the pound to die alone.  Instead, they find themselves at Coyle’s door and receive lots of love and attention.  She cares for up to three dogs at a time and places the remaining dogs in foster homes.

Grey Canine Muzzle Hospice Project

Coyle creates a bucket list for each dog which includes things like, a ride in a police car, a trip through the drive-thru at McDonalds, and always the steak dinner.  Each dog also gets a final birthday party complete with a cake, even though no one knows their real birth date.

Grey Canine Muzzle Hospice Project

Coyle makes sure each dog feels loved and wanted for the rest of their life and reported to ABC News that the work is very rewarding.  She can’t stand that people ghost their old and sick dogs and no longer care for them.

Grey Canine Muzzle Hospice Project

We think what she is doing is wonderful and wish more people would step up to help.  If you want to get involved, you can donate to her organization through her Facebook page or better yet, adopt a senior pet of your own!

Grey Canine Muzzle Hospice Project

Please share her story your family and friends.

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