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Rescued Blind Dog Sees Owners For The First Time After Successful Eye Surgery


Being a homeless dog is challenging enough but for this sweet pup, not only was she alone, but she was also blind. You can only imagine how lost she felt navigating the dangerous streets all by herself. But thanks to her new loving family, that was about to change.

Meet Olive, a sweet black cocker spaniel rescued by Holly and Bart Emmerson from Palma de Mallorca in Spain. When the couple met Olive, she was blind but despite her disability, they adopted her and gave her a loving home.

However, rescuing her was not enough for the couple. They wanted to give Olive the best life possible so they decided to see if there was anything that could be done to help cure Olive’s blindness. Therefore, they took Olive for a consultation with an eye surgeon.

The vet delivered the good news that Olive could be helped so her surgery was scheduled. The day of her surgery, after three years of blindness, Olive’s surgery was a success and her grateful owners went to pick her up from the hospital.

Their happy reunion was even made sweeter because Olive was getting to see the faces of her family for the very first time. As she was walked from the back of the clinic, she saw Bart and Holly and her wagging tail said it all!

Olive could not contain her happiness, despite just having surgery. She was so happy to see her family that she ran up to them and fell into their arms. The sweet spaniel’s tail never stopped moving as mom and dad greeted her, as if for the first time.

Bart and Holly stated, “Her eyes are so different. They’re black.”

Finally, able to put faces with the sounds and smells of her fur parents, Olive happily trotted out of the hospital and headed to the car. Clearly, she was overjoyed at seeing her fur mom and dad and being able to go home with new vision.

From there, Olive got to see where she lived, the cars on the streets, her toys, and all the sights we take for granted when we can see. Certainly, with her vision restored, Olive’s life was enriched beyond measure, thanks to all the love and care of Bart and Holly.

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