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Puppy Goes On Her First Shopping Trip And She Could Not Be Happier Her reaction is the cutest! ?


Going to Target is pretty fun for many people but when this puppy got to go, she was ecstatic!

Zira the corgi belongs to Jesse and Kasey Donovan.  She is an adorable dog and could not be any cuter.  The day her mom and dad took her shopping at Target, she had the most fun riding around in the red cart and her mom took lots of pictures.

Her mom wrote of the photos:

“My dog went to Target—and look how happy she is! Zira’s a 4 month-old Corgi and Mini Aussie mix; and is in love with anything she can chew!”

Mom did a great job of capturing the pure joy on the sweet 4-month-old pup’s face.  The trip into the store was a spontaneous one so her fur mom and dad put her in the cart and began snapping pictures, clearly having fun.  Her mom said:

“She absolutely loved it! Zira got new treats and a toy. While we were turning a corner, this woman shopping saw her and freaked out! She couldn’t stop going on and on about how cute Zira was.”

The expression on the pup’s face tells the story of how excited she was.  She loved seeing all the fun things and friendly people shopping in the store.  It was a great adventure for the curious puppy.

Just like all good adventures, this one too had to come to an end.  Not everyone in the store was happy to see Zira and it quickly became clear and well intentioned good time was offending certain people.  Some people were rightfully concerned over allergies and how young pups don’t have much training yet.

However, instead of getting offended, her great parents took the situation in stride.  They turned it into a learning experience for all.  They apologized for their mistake, explaining it was hard enough for people with service animals at public places without them making it worse and acknowledged some stores don’t allow dogs.

“My trip to Target does not make it okay for all dogs to go to their local market. We will now be more considerate about service animals needing to do their job! Everyone should do the same!”

Since their Instagram account now has almost 50k followers, they use it to educate people on pet friendly places that accept dogs and of course share adorable pictures.  You can check it out at Itsthedonovans.

We think that Zira is adorable and they are super cool for owning up to their mistake and turning it into something good.  Go on and share these pics with your family and friends.

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