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Pit Bull Spots Human Sisters Having Fun Jumping On The Bed, Decides To Try It For Himself They are having a blast!


Dogs have been our best friends since before written word. Think about that! Think about that long, rich history we share. The history of mankind is the history of the dog and vice versa.

Having been our companions for so long, dogs have traits that wolves do not. They mimic us, and they look to us for help.

Gil Abramov saw the former behavior firsthand when his brainiac of a pit bull decided to mimic his daughters.

The savvy pooch, named Loco, watched the girls as they jumped on the bed, clearly having a good time. He felt a little left out, so he gave it a try for himself!

Loco began jumping and bouncing higher and higher. He was really letting loose and having a good time!

Dare I say; he may have shown up the girls with his incredible jumping skills!

All the while, the girls kept shouting encouragement.

“It’s time to have some fun!”

It didn’t take long for them to get tired. Lucky dad, the kids and Loco will likely sleep soundly all night after that workout!

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