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New Study Shows Dog Owners Take More Pictures Of Their Pet Than Their Spouse If your phone is full of pictures of your dog, you’re not alone! ?


Tell the truth-do you take more pictures of your pup than you do your spouse?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

A recent study, The Truth About Dog People, powered by Rover.com, reported that sixty five percent of people take more pictures of their dog than their significant other or their friends.  Twenty nine percent of those same pet people share more pictures of their pet than they do of their friends and family.

For dog lovers, this is probably no surprise.  After all, our dogs always look cute and act adorable.  They are forever happy to see us.  They love to shower us with affection.   Even on our worst days, they never judge and accept us how we are. Tails wag in greeting-it doesn’t matter if we’re gone five hours or five minutes.  They are simply fabulous and always worthy of excessive photo documentation (right?).

Plus, they never complain when we take their picture.  They don’t ask to see it before it’s plastered all over social media.  They never turn away, secretly delete their photos from our phone, or worry about who might see them.  They don’t have bad hair days, wear the wrong outfit, or think they look fat.  They are just simply lovable and we want everyone to see what we see:  our best friend.

Perhaps another reason we love to take their picture is the deep connection we share with our dog.  No matter how much we love our significant other, there is always the risk we’ll disappoint the person.  However, in our dog’s eyes, we’re always a hero.   Even if we feel like we’ve let the dog down, the dog never thinks so.  They just roll with our quirks and love to spend every waking minute with us anyway.  Of course, true dog lovers would never harm their dog so they have no reason not to trust us 100%, which is not always easy to say about other people.

Bottom line is, we love our dogs and think of them like family because they are family (at least ninety four percent of dog lovers would agree, according to the study).

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