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Narwhal The Unicorn Puppy Captivates The Internet, Brings Awareness For Special Needs Dogs This abandoned unicorn puppy is not only stealing hearts, he’s drawing attention for other special needs dogs – we think special is awesome! ❤️


Being born different is awesome but it can also be a bit of a challenge.  If you’re a dog and too different, it may put you at risk of euthanasia.  When this little puppy was born with a tail growing out of its forehead, it was abandoned.  However, a special rescue stepped up to save the adorable guy. Little did they know all the attention the unique puppy would get.

The puppy was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral.  Dubbed the Unicorn Pup on the Internet, Mac’s Rescue, the dog’s rescuer, actually named the puppy Narwhal the Little Magical Fluffy Unicorn.

Although the pup looks different, Mac’s Rescue took Narwhal to the vet and was told that for now, the tail poses no risks.  However, the rescue is not yet putting the puppy up for adoption because they want to make sure he’s okay first.

We think the puppy is magical because not only has he warmed hearts everywhere, he has also gotten a lot of attention for this special rescue that until now, many had never heard of.

Mac’s Mission Rescue, who thinks “Special is Awesome,” rescues injured, abused, and dogs with birth defects.  They step in and save the dogs that would die without them.  The rescue “specializes in special” and gives these dogs the chance they need to heal and thrive in a loving and caring environment.

We trust that one day when he’s ready, Narwhal will find an amazing home of his own.  Until then, we’ll continue to watch his cuteness and his unwitting ambassadorship for the special underdogs who are getting a lot more attention just because he went viral.

Please share the pictures of this magical unicorn pup with your family and friends because you just might be helping find a special needs dog a home.

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