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Man Stands On The Corner For Days To Help A Lost Dog Find Her Owner He never gave up on finding her owner and his hard work finally paid off ❤️


If you happen to lose your dog, hopefully your dog will be as lucky as this one was because her good samaritan never gave up on helping her find her owner.

Charlotte resident, Jason Gasparik had just left his neighborhood post office when he spotted a scared chocolate lab that was clearly lost.  As a dog lover, he couldn’t turn his back on the lost dog and took her home with him so that he could find her owner.

He immediately turned to social media for help.  He posted pictures and scoured pages such as Next Door, Twitter, Paw Booster, and Facebook in hopes of finding her owners. Despite his efforts, he didn’t find anyone looking for the sweet dog.

Next he took her to the vet so that she could be scanned for a microchip. That effort immediately paid off because she did have a chip and a name – Roxy.  Excited, he called the number on her contact information but his joy was short lived when he learned that the info was that of her breeder, who could barely remember selling her years earlier.  She could provide no other information and he reached a dead end.

Not ready to give up on helping her find her way home, Jason went old school and hit the street corner in hopes that someone would recognize the dog.  He stood at a busy intersection holding up a cardboard sign that read, “Do you know this lost dog?”

The first day, the pair had no luck.  But on day two, his efforts paid off big time.  Roxy’s owner, Max, drove by looking for her!  He stopped the car, grateful to find his pooch, whose name turned out to be Indy.

Twitter|Meilin Tompkins

We’re so grateful that this story had a happy ending.  If there are any lessons to be learned, they are to keep your dog’s tag and microchip information up-to-date and never turn your back on a lost dog because you just might save their life.

Please pass along this great story to your family and friends.

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