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Husky Throws A Fit When Mom Tries To Convince Him To Go For A Walk This hilarious dog is all about drama ?


For most dogs, going for a walk is the highlight of their day. Some dogs get so excited that it’s hard to get their leash clipped onto their collar because in their enthusiasm, they can’t hold still. Other dogs will run to get their leash put on while impatiently sitting as if their human can’t fasten it quickly enough.

And then there is this dog named Zeus that is a league of his own. This adorable yet dramatic husky apparently isn’t feeling like going for a walk on this day and is letting everyone within ear shot hear about it, especially his mom.

Mom tries to remind him, “you love walks.” He still complains, all the while wearing his leash and lying on the couch. “Come on,” mom coaxes and only gets mournful yowling in return.

This funny dog is definitely prone to drama and showing off his husky personality. He sounds like the saddest siren ever. When mom threatens to go for the walk without, his pitiful cry is worthy of an Oscar for Best Performance.

This husky has skills!

Even when mom firmly orders his rear off the couch, he’s not having it and talks back like a mischievous toddler. He is as hilarious as he is beautiful and when watching the video, one begins to wonder just who will win this battle of wills.

He continuous his siren wail as mom continues to coax him out the door when finally he gives him and gets up and off the couch. His impatient shepherd friend gives him a little push as if to say, “it’s about time, let’s go already!”

Score one for mom!

Zeus, you are so funny and we are happy your mom made this video so the world can see you in action. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Please share this funny guy with your family and friends.

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