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Husky Runs Out Of Water, Mom Listens To His Disapproval This little guy sure is stubborn. And loud ?


Zeus “The Stubborn Husky,” as he’s affectionately known; once again finds a reason to tell his mom off! His mom said his howling and whining caught her attention and that’s when she discovered what the most stubborn boy in the world was complaining about.

As Zeus’s mom rounded the corner looking for the source of his complaints, she found the cause for all of the fuss: an empty water bowl. No problem, all she had to do is refill it, right? Not so fast, Zeus would never allow such a thing to be let go without telling his mom exactly how he really felt about it! He must verbalize his dissatisfaction to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again on his watch!

As Zeus’s mom tries to reason with him and meet all of his demands, he’s unimpressed and continues to demand that she hurries up as he reminds her that she shouldn’t let such a tragedy befall his water bowl again. Zeus really is one stubborn husky! Luckily, when she finally gets his water for him and places it on the ground, he seems satisfied.

It seems like mom will probably check on the status of the water bowl more often after this hectic conversation with her fur kid, Zeus the Stubborn Husky! Enjoy the video and if you like it, leave a like and share to see more videos like this. Thank you.

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