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Hen With Hearts Covering Her Feathers Spreads Joy To Everyone Who Sees Her This cute little hen covered in hearts is a living happiness reminder ?


Nature is amazing.  From vivid colors found only on beautiful flowers, to majestic mountain ranges, to shining stars peering out of galaxies far away, there is never a shortage of beauty.

Nature can also package animals in the most gorgeous ways.  Cats with silky coats, horses that look like they galloped out from the pages of a fairy tale and graceful dolphins riding the waves of the sea can all hold a special kind of wonderment when we gaze at them.

The variety of colors and patterns found in nature can also be unique, such as this adorable hen covered in little black hearts!  When you look at her, you can’t help but smile.  She is like a living and breathing reminder that there is still lots of love and goodness in the world, all you have to do is look for it.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why she is so popular.  Not only does she look like she was hand painted, her unique plumage spreads good cheer.  It’s impossible not to enjoy looking at how cute she is; all the while knowing that she is one extraordinary natural design.

That is probably the reason she has been shared all over the Internet tens of thousands of times by pages such as The Mi Mundo Incredible.

We hope you enjoy this happy chick as much as we do and share her with your family and friends.

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