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German Shepherd Has A Blast Tasting Her First Snow


That fluffy, cold white stuff called snow can be so much fun especially when experiencing it for the first time as this adorable German shepherd is.

Misa the German shepherd is experiencing her first snow. The beautiful dog is truly enjoying herself as she explores her backyard, which is covered in fresh snowfall.

As the adorable German shepherd frolics in the snow, she is clearly enjoying the cold weather and the frozen, fluffy ice; which yes, she is eating for the first time!

She runs around her yard and slides into the snow, bouncing as she goes, all the while mom is watching and laughing over how much fun the cute pup is having, while filming this video.

Misa has no problem adapting to this new experience and is having a blast enjoying it. She even burrows her nose and eats the snow, she just can’t get enough and when you watch her having so much fun, you’ll laugh too.

Misa is so graceful as she prances around her yard, leaving her adorable paw prints on the white field of snow. She almost looks as if she is performing a wintery dance in her dog sized winter wonderland.

Even though it’s freezing cold, it seems the frigid temperatures have energized Misa as she runs around the backyard and it doesn’t appear at all if she’ll be done playing anytime soon. She’s having a great time and going to explore every inch of her frozen yard.

Of course, her thick double coat helps keep her warm, and mom is right there to take her back inside as soon as she’s ready or mom thinks it’s getting too cold but in the meantime, the dog is clearly challenging some husky because she is certainly loving the snow.

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