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Florida Woman Caught On Video Walking Her Dogs In A Unicorn Costume She made the best of staying at home in the most awesome way! ?


When self isolating during the quarantine, dogs still need their walks and exercise.  This woman came up with a fun and unique way to walk her dogs plus sprinkled some much needed happiness magic throughout her neighborhood while doing it.

Tiffany Roehr lives Bradenton, Florida.  Like all residents, she is hunkering down and staying at home during the global health crisis.  However, her dogs still need their daily exercise so she came up with an idea to ensure social distancing, walk her dogs, and have some fun.

What did she do?  On March 30th, in an effort to bring some levity to the pandemic situation, she put on an inflatable unicorn costume, according to Newsflare., and took to the streets with her two dogs.

“I wanted to have some fun since our state was under a stay at home order,” Roehr told Newsflare. “So I got dressed up and took my dogs for a short walk.”

As far as spreading joy, Tiffany knocked it out of the land of sunshine and rainbows.  She cheerfully walked her adorable dogs down the street bobbing her head just like all magical unicorns do.

Certainly she entertained her neighbors and all of us on Internet land.  Will she go out in her costume again? That remains to be seen-we sure hope so.

At the time of her walk, her town was under a stay at home order but the majority of Florida had not yet followed suit. That soon changed and now the entire state has entered a mandatory stay-at-home period until April 30.

Thanks for bringing us a smile, Tiffany!  Please share this fun story with your family and friends.

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