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23 Super Sarcastic Dog And Cat Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud If you like sarcasm, you'll love these ?


Let’s face it, dogs and cats have to put up with a lot from their owners.  They listen to our stupid jokes, put up with our silly antics, and never stop listing to us.  Imagine what they’d say about some of the things we do if they could.

Here are some funny dog and cat memes that capture what our pets must be thinking.

1. Just keep rolling

2. You’re so impressive

3. It’s your fault the dogs sarcastic

4. Obviously!

5. Not the dog, too

6. He told you

7. So excited

8. The torture is real

9. Please go on repeating what I’m doing

10. Such wit

11. Is this man’s best friend?


12. He clearly doesn’t care


13. Jerk cat

14. You’re just kidding

15. Seriously, let’s go already

16. Save this one for the next Facebook thread

17. You’re so easily entertained

18. You have it so easy….

19. The dog that hates vacation

20. You have it so bad

21. Throw it already

22. Jerk dog

23. This cat is done

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