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Excited Pup Tries To Jump In Starbucks Drive-Thru Window For Cold Treat Sometimes you just can’t wait ?


When you have to have Starbucks, you have to have Starbucks. Those addicted to the decadent drinks understand the ritual well. Apparently, this pup is also a Starbucks fanatic because he gets so impatient while waiting for his Puppuccino, he jumps out of the car window to speed the service up.

The hilarious video was caught on camera by Billie Lynn Reed as she waited in line at a Starbucks drive-thru in Texas. As she sat behind a car full of pups, apparently waiting for their fix, one of the lively dogs leaps out the car window to stand in the drive-thru window.

FB|Billie Lynn Reed

The impatient pup’s fur mom gets out of the car to try to lead the adorable dog back inside but it’s clear that the dog would rather stand on the window ledge and wait for the creamy, cold treat. Mom doesn’t give up and finally gets the dog back inside all the while, horns are honking.

FB|Billie Lynn Reed

Like all moms of unruly kids, she is probably embarrassed but is so busy trying to keep the dog from leaping out again, we can’t really tell. The crazy pup is so busy trying to climb back out of the car you can’t help but laugh. The scene is hilarious and surely gave everyone in the drive-thru a good laugh.

She finally gets her tray of treats and furries safely inside the car. We ‘re sure the pups were drooling with anticipation, waiting to dive in. We wonder if they helped themselves or if she was able to fend them off until she could drive away? Probably not.

FB|Billie Lynn Reed

One thing that is clear is that this is not the pups first Starbucks rodeo. The Puppuccino’s are something that they really look forward to and they can’t wait for their treat.

If you’ve never got one for your pup, it’s on the secret Starbucks menu. Basically, the treat is a free paper cup filled with decadent whipped cream and contains no caffeine or coffee. The creamy delight is delicious for puppies and humans alike but if either of you are on a low fat diet or need dairy free, you’ll want to bypass with one.

FB|Billie Lynn Reed

Dogs love to lap up the yumminess but most stay in the car, even if they are impatient. We thank Billie for taking this video because we certainly needed the laugh. Please share the fun with your family and friends.


So there I was in the drive thru at Starbucks and I look up and I was like OMG. Lol I was rolling ?. So you know I had to record it or it didn’t happen ?

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Posted by Billie Lynn Reed on Sunday, February 23, 2020

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