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Dog VS Cat In The Obstacle Course Challenge


The obstacle course – who would win at your house your cat or your dog? In this hilarious video, the owner set up an obstacle course in their home to see which four footed furry could navigate it better, the dogs or the cat.

Who do you think the winner was?

Each pet had three rounds on the obstacle course. Each round was more difficult than the last. The items on the course were things easily found around the house yet a bit of a challenge to avoid or not knock down.

First up, the cat.

In the first round, the nonchalant cat scopes out of the course, chooses a path, and sticks to its mission. Carefully navigating the obstacles, the cat makes its way through course 1…tensions are high but the cat makes it. Whew.

Course 2 is a bit more of a challenge and requires some careful consideration before proceeding. Did the feline make it? Yes, it did! The cat faced the challenge and came out a victor.

Course 3 is harder still, but the cool kitty took no prisoners. The cat navigated the course like a ninja and didn’t knock down one item. Cats must only like to knock things off shelves, tables, and countertops.

Second up, Akira the dog.

Round 1 for Akira. Unlike the confident cat, the dog faces the course with uncertainly written all over her sweet face. “What is this madness,” she seems to be thinking. But Akira eventually goes for it. Unfortunately, despite being very careful, she experiences a first mishap.

Cat 1, dogs 0.

Round 2 goes to Leona the dog. Leona is very excited and there is a lot on the line now. Can she make up for Akira’s misstep? Lots of studying going on this round. Lots of energy and planning going on. Despite the effort, Leona does not leave the course unscathed. Darn, cat.

Cat 2, dogs 0.

Round 3, tensions have not been higher. Can Atena make it? There is a lot riding on this last round…and it shows. Atena picks up an obstacle, is that cheating? We don’t know but it sure is cute! Atena goes for it…but ohhhhh, she doesn’t make it without knocking something down.

Cat 3, dogs 0.

If you’re inspired to make a fun obstacle course challenge of your own, please share it with us. In the meantime, share this funny video with your family and friends.

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