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Dog Delivers Groceries To His Neighbors During The Coronavirus He’s such a sweet and happy boy ❤️


This adorable golden retriever has been helping vulnerable people during the corona virus pandemic by making sure they get their groceries.

Sonny the golden is a very special boy.  He brightens the lives of those around him but also is performing a very important service.  He’s making sure his fur mom’s neighbors are getting what they need from the market.

Sonny picks up the shopping list from the neighbors and then takes it back to mom.  Mom then goes shopping for the neighbors who are homebound during the virus.  When mom returns, the super excited Sonny happily delivers their grocery bags.

Sonny is such a good boy.  Not only is he helping to ensure the neighbors are getting fed, he’s also giving out some much needed TLC and helping to ease the loneliness of isolation-just as important as a healthy meal.

One of his neighbors is a woman on oxygen and should not be going out during this time.  Sonny bounces over to her house in cheerful anticipation of doing his good deed.  It is clear that Sonny is not only helping to keep her safe, he’s giving her some much needed company.

After receiving a few pats from his pal, he happily heads home to mom, who also deserves some recognition for being such a good friend and neighbor.  Mom has raised a very special dog and this says some wonderful things about her.  Her neighbor is very grateful for them both.

We wonder if Sonny knows how important he is and what an amazing thing he is doing to help others.  We’ll never know what is going on in that canine mind of his but he is one special dog.

The one thing we do know, he is happy to help and making everyone around him happier too.  Please spread some much needed cheer to your family and friends.

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