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Cat Meteorologist Is Now Co-Hosting The Weather And It Could Not Be Cuter No one complains when kitty gets the weather wrong ?


The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we go about doing just about everything, including the Jeff Lyons’ weather forecast.  Indiana’s 14 First Alert Chief Meteorologist is working from home and now has a cute new co-host, a fluffy cat named Betty.

Betty is a cute gray and white kitty who made her first debut a couple weeks ago when Lyons was trying to deliver the weather forecast from home.  Lyons has a green room set up in his living room and while he was working, Betty decided she wanted some attention.

Since cats can be very demanding, and since Betty was not giving up, Lyons picked her up and cradled her like a baby during the weather report.  The response from viewers was so great that the news station began sharing behind-the-scenes clips of Lyons and Betty.

The endearing footage has gotten a lot of attention and people can’t seem to get enough. Cats being cats and usually unpredictable, sometimes Betty just hangs out and other times she wants some affection.  However, all the time she is adorable.

With so many people home right now, their pets are more important than ever.  Viewers have been sharing pictures of their pets on Lyons’ Facebook page.  Fans from all over the world are tuning in to see what Betty will do next.

We think Betty should be a permanent co-host since she is doing such a great job.  We’re sure Lyons would not object to sharing some of the show with the sweet feline.

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