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Bus Station Welcomes Homeless Dogs, Makes Beds To Protect Them From Winter We love this story and almost anyone can make a tire dog bed for needy dogs ❤️


The kindness of strangers makes the world a better place, especially for these cold and lonely street dogs.

The employees of Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil took matters into their own hands as winter arrived and temperatures began to fall.  Not wanting the abandoned dogs living in the bus station to freeze, they made them dog beds and opened the terminal doors so they could be protected from the weather.

They knew of at least three dogs living in the bus station and had named them, Pitoco, Zoinho, and Max.  They took pity on the dogs.  The employees gathered old tires and blankets then made the dog’s beds so they would be warm and cozy during the winter.

A politician named Fabiane Rosa took notice of the bus station employee’s kindness and took pictures of the dogs nesting in the safety of their new beds. She shared the images on Facebook, where they quickly went viral.  She wrote:

“Employees of Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil, prove that good samaritans still exist.  They went beyond their usual job routines to welcome stray dogs in the premises and they customized beds out of tires and lined them with blankets to keep the dogs warm and cozy during the cold winter nights.”

“So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet.  Of course it is not the ideal, but at least here are those who are looking after them,” Rosa stated on Facebook.

The images of the dog’s grateful expressions touched many people and we hope that it inspires people all over the world to reach out and help homeless dogs.

To make a tire dog bed all you need is an hour, a few supplies, and a lot of love:

  • Get an old tire and wash with soap and water with bristle brush. You can probably get a tire shop to donate an old one to your cause.
  • Let dry.
  • Put an old pillow in the bottom of the tire and top with a blanket or a towel.
  • If you want to get fancy, you can spray paint the tire and put felt on the bottom to protect flooring.

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