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Amazon Delivery Driver Jumps Into Pool To Save A Drowning Husky


There are many famous stories of dogs risking their lives to save humans and that is one of their traits that makes them so special. But in this story, it was not a dog saving a human, it was an Amazon delivery driver who was at the right place at the right time.

It was just a normal day for John Cassabria. He was out delivering packages in Woburn, Massachusetts when he heard a strange noise. Fortunately, rather than just continuing on his route, he took the time to investigate. He described it like this:

“It was something like a siren raid mixed with howling — like how the wind howls through the tree branches.” Cassabria said.

He followed the noise, which led him to a backyard fence. Peering over the fence, he quickly realized the sound was coming from a desperate dog that was drowning in a pool.

He immediately leaped over the fence and ran toward the pool to help the poor dog. He then jumped right in the water in his uniform, shoes, his phone, and wallet still in his pocket.

At the time, John didn’t know that the dog, whose name is Luka, was a 14-year-old husky. His bone had gotten stuck to the bottom of the pool sucked down by the pool vacuum. The elderly dog suffered from leg problems and had been struggling in the water for an unknown amount of time but was clearly exhausted when John jumped in to help.

John is a dog lover and owner. When he saw the poor pup in distress, all he could think of was to save him. He said:

“All I could think about was getting him out of the pool and making sure that he was safe.”

Thankfully, other than being scared the dog seemed to be okay but he did not want John to leave his side:

“He didn’t want me to leave his side. Every time I would go to get up, he would hit me with his paw or nudge me — so I stayed with him the entire time.”

John called animal control to locate the pup’s owners and the officer responding happened to be a neighbor. He called the owner of the dog, who was just leaving for vacation and had scheduled a dog sitter to arrive. However, before the sitter could get there, the husky was already in trouble.

The family is very grateful to John for saving Luka and so is the dog! We are so happy this story had a happy ending for all and that John was able to save the dog’s life.

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